Information Services

Stellar Searches LLC helps you find the answer to your information query. With expertise in searching, the Information Professional provides quick and accurate research services. Stellar Searches LLC saves you time and money by conducting searches on premium databases such as ProQuest Dialog and LexisNexis to which you may not have access. A comprehensive search will encompass evaluation of Internet sites and documents on the Invisible Web, which search engines often miss. Value-added information, including analysis, synthesis, and summary of the results, will be provided. As a result of a search, a client of Stellar Searches LLC may receive not only abstracts with citations, but also full text of available articles. The client may receive a two-to-three page report summary, including a synthesis and analysis of the search results.


"Lisa's research and analysis skills are excellent. You can depend on her to complete a thorough report in a short amount of time. Her professionalism allows you to trust and rely upon her detailed evaluation."

Vivian Owens, Eschar Publications LLC

"I selected Lisa from among many applicants to serve as part of my bench of secondary research contractors. Lisa was always responsive, thorough, diligent and dependable. She also took coaching well and asked smart questions."

Anna Shallenberger, Private Investment Partnership